Experienced translator, editor and localizer

Areas of specialization: HVAC, Construction,
Food & Wine, Education, Legal

  • Technologically sound translations.  Ensure that your clients get reliable information, translated with accuracy and understanding.  Quality translators not only put words and sentences in another language, but also understand the content they are translating.
  • Culturally appropriate translations.  Respecting the culture of the target language shows that you respect the cultural norms of your target clients and customers.  Quality translators will alert you to possible issues in the source text, and suggest solutions that will not offend your clients and customers.
  • Refined proof reading skills.  Almost without fail, a quality translator will relay back to the client typos and mistakes in the source text.  If that is not happening now, maybe you need a better translator.
  • Expertise in Neutral US Spanish.  Dialect variation in Spanish is a given.  Consider how US English is wildly different from British or Australian English.  Then take into consideration that Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, and is spoken by many inhabitants of another 6 countries.  It is possible, however, for a quality translator to find a neutral variation for Spanish in the US, so that no speaker feels offended or has difficulty understanding the target text.
  • Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator.  Are your files in Desktop Publishing format?  Let the translator feed translated text back into those formats, so that text matches up with graphics.  Translation of art files is also offered.

Certified PROs

WBE Certified in New York State

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